The Week in #CraftBeer (St. Paddy’s Edition)

A summary of YOUR #craftbeer news from the past week. March 17, 2015 (St. Paddy’s Day Edition)

Trademark This
@BrewStuds reports on an article by @CBSNews about competition in the #craftbeer industry. Hint: It’s more than just about #craftbeer, it’s about trademark law and naming rights. Why can’t we all just get along? With the number of #craftbeer breweries in the U.S. there is always going to be naming overlap. How many blueberry #craftbeers are out there with similar names? Plenty. Read more:

Politicians are Evil
A letter posted by @LiveOakBrewing had something to say to Texas legislators about the new bill making its way through the state legislature. @LiveOakBrewing tweets, “Our response to the #destroytexasbeerjobsbill now making its way through”. In my opinion, this sounds like nothing more than politicians backing big business over the little guy once again. Sickening.

On the Other Hand
OK, so maybe not all politicians are evil afterall. @BeerSommelier via reports that Modified N.J. rules aid craft brewers. Seems that Governor Christie, despite opposition from the powerful restaurant, bar and liquor-store lobbies, signed legislation in September 2012 that eased sales restrictions on craft brewers, and since, the number of breweries has nearly tripled. Bravo to Governor Christie for having the balls to stand up for what is right. He must be a #craftbeer drinker. Read more:

Do it With Style
Yahoo Food reports on the (@craftbeerdotcom) Beer Styles Guide with This Tool Can Help You Pick the Right Beer at The Craft Beer Evangelist posted on this last week! Really cool look at the different styles of beer available to the average enthusiast. Very informative and innovative display of mundane data.

Sweet Georgia Brew
The @BeerSommelier was full of good legislative news this week. He/she also reported via that Georgia legislators passed a bill that would allow GA craft breweries to provide a small amount of beer tasting at the facility, and they can also sell #craftbeer in a single bottle, whether it be 12 or 64 ozs. Way to go Georgia! I’ll be right over!

U-S-A! U-S-A!
@Beer_Disciples recommended an excellent article on The Best Craft Breweries in Every State at While I have to admit, as I’m sure there you will to, I would disagree with a few of the choices. But that’s the beauty of #craftbeer, there are so many choices now that we all have our own favorites. JWakefield Brewing & Tennessee Brew Works, I’m talking ’bout you!

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