The Week in #CraftBeer (March 17 – 24, 2015)

This is YOUR week in #CraftBeer.
Stories via @BrewStuds, @BeerSommelier, @FermentNation, @CraftBrewMaster

Via Twitter@BeerStuds: Local Breweries Help Out “Blue Canoe”
For all of you in the NW New York state region, you can also find out hoe to donate at

Via Twitter@BeerSommelier: In Florida’s “Beer War,” The Growler Appears To Be Winning
Yay, beer!

Via Twitter@BeerSommelier by way of Beer tax war fermenting on Capitol Hill
Oh no, the politicians are involved. Never a good sign.

Via Twitter@FermentNation by way of Millennials Drive Craft Beer Growth
Despite what the article says, #CraftBeer consumption has no age boundries.

Via Twitter@CraftBrewMaster by way of The 16 Best Breweries in the South
The south shall rise again! Or , at least the suds will rise. PLUS: Funky Buddha in da hiz-ouse!


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