My Gateway Beer

In the beginning there was beer. Lots of beer. And it was good. That was my introduction to beer. It was mostly domestic, besides the occasional Heineken, and almost always just a bland, tasteless brew.

Many years later I was introduced to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and my life was forever changed. Once I started drinking good beer all the rest was simply swill, and I called it such. I can’t say that I never drink a domestic beer from time to time, I do enjoy an ice cold PBR on occasion, but for the most part my taste in beer changed the day I had that Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I still consider it my go to beer when the beer selection lacks a punch.

That was my gateway beer to the wonderful world of #craftbeer. Once I had that, there was no turning back. Thank you Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, for the wake up call.

Now, this just begs the question: What was your gateway beer?!

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