Beer Style Guide

Brilliant! That one word sums up the Beer Styles Study Guide. Link

In their own words, “Beer styles continue to evolve over time. Today, there are hundreds of documented beer styles and a handful of organizations with their own unique classifications. Beer Styles exist to give beer lovers a methodology to describe, compare and contrast the many beers produced by small and independent U.S. brewers.”

The guide is not only informative, but also quite interactive. Each beer style has what could be construed as an infographic, with an informative section under each style of beer that provides a sliding scale for color, bitterness, and alcohol content (ABV). There is also a section for food pairings, proper glassware, and current examples of the style, with explanations of appearance (color, clarity, & carbonation), flavor/aroma (alcohol, hop, malt, esters, & phenols), sensations (body, carbonation, finish length, & attenuation), and ingredients (hops, malt, water, & yeast) for every beer style. They even have a “you might also like” section at the bottom with additional beer styles that might appeal to the viewer.

My favorite part is the Beer Style Finder located just above the beer images. With the style finder you can use a sliding scale to distinguish between different character of beer style, i.e. color, bitterness, & alcohol content, and then also add other specific characteristics, such as hoppy, fruity, or sour to name a few. The dropdown menu where you can select a beer style and see all the varieties associated with that style is also a nice addition if you want to look at several varieties of the same beer style.

The folks at have, once again, knocked it out of the park with this one. Well done!

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