Craft Beer Packaging Art

I’ve always had an affinity to the packaging that contains the beer I bring home or drink in a drinking establishment. So much so that it sometimes influences my purchase. Usually, I am swayed by beer style or substance, but there have been times that I have bought a sixer because I thought the logo or packaging was cool. For quite some time I have been saving the six pack packaging that I find most appealing, and I plan on doing something with it once I start my man cave. I’m thinking of doing something akin to the wallpaper borders that adorn some homes.

I guess I’m not alone. Design Your Way, a design blog, has put together an interesting array of craft beer packaging entitled “Beer Package Inspiration”. Many, it seems, are international brands, so being an American I have never seen most of the products, but that doesn’t take away from my interest. While not practical, my favorite is the beer in a potato sack entitled Dead Rabbits and Carrots. It is not actually a craft beer, it is an advertisement for a fashion boutique (Carrots) in San Fran. Another beer packaging I found interesting is the plastic Heineken 12 pack that looks somewhat like a shipping container.

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